Concorde Investments (Cyprus) Ltd. offers securities transfers and holding

Concorde Investments (Cyprus) Ltd. is offering its clients the ability to transfer and hold their securities that are currently on the accounts of Latvian and other international banks.

Concorde Investments takes all measures in order to ensure the reliability of holding these securities.

For new clients undergoing the Know Your Customer procedure and transferring the Eurobonds of Ukrainian issuers for safekeeping before June 29, 2018, monthly discounted rate of 0.025% (from the market value) will be applied for two months. Please note that from the 1st of July, 2018, our regular conditions of the 0.03% monthly rate will be reapplied.

The company’s rates are available at:

More detailed information is available at 357 25 828 300 by e-mail: [email protected].

Risk warning: All investments involve a degree of risk of some kind and the value of the investment can both increase and decrease. The investor must understand that they may lose all their invested capital.

Information about Concorde Investments:

Concorde Investments (Cyprus) Ltd. was registered in Cyprus in 2013 and licensed by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (license #189/13) for offering investment and ancillary services. Our vision is to be the most innovative, efficient and customer focused Brokerage Firm offering cutting edge technology and personalized service boosting the investment capabilities of our clients.


Eurobonds: Ukraine 09/19, Ukraine 09/20, Ukraine 09/21, Ukraine 09/22, Ukraine 09/23, Ukraine 09/24, Ukraine 09/25, Ukraine 09/26, Ukraine 09/27, Railua 09/21, Oschad 03/23, Oschad 03/25, Exim 04/22, Exim 02/23, Exim 01/25, Prbank 01/18, Prbank 02/18, Prbank 02/21, Avinpu 10/18, FXPO 04/19, MHPSA 04/20, MHPSA 05/24, DTEK 12/24, Metinv 12/21, Mriya 04/18, Ukrlan 03/18 and other.

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